Upgrade to the member Portal

09 October 2023

The M&S Pension Scheme Portal has been upgraded. If it looks a little different, don’t worry, it’s been rebranded and improved. It’s been made easier to use and also has the option to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA makes logging in easier, but still just as secure. It means that rather than having to remember a PIN as well as a password, you just need to provide a mobile number so that a one-time code can be sent to you each time you log in. This keeps your details secure, as someone would need your phone as well as your login details to access your data, but also makes it easier for you to log in.

Setting up MFA

If you’ve previously used the Portal, your login details will be the same. Once logged in, you can change to MFA by:

  1. Clicking on ‘Update your authentication method for logging in’ on the scrolling images of the Portal homepage. This will take you to the Change Account Details section.
  2. Scroll down to ‘Authentication Method’ then select either SMS (recommended) or App from the dropdown and click ‘Proceed’.
  3. For the App, you’ll be provided with a code to give to your App to set it up. You’ll need to confirm you’ve done this and click ‘Proceed’.
  4. You’ll then see a screen confirming the changes that you’ve made. Click ‘Continue’ to go back to the Portal homepage.
  5. If you selected SMS, you'll need to make sure you've entered your mobile number. You’ll be asked to confirm the last three digits of your mobile telephone number next time you log in. You’ll then receive a text with the code you need to access your account.

If you’ve not used the Portal before you’ll have the option to set up MFA as part of the registration process. You can go directly to the Portal website or you can click the “login” button at the top right-hand corner of this screen to register your account.

You can find PDF instructions on how to use the Portal features by visiting Manage my pension online.