Trustee support and advisers.

To manage the Scheme effectively, the Trustee receives help and support from the Trustee Executive Team, M&S Colleague Services, Capita and its appointed advisers.

Trustee Executive Team.

The Trustee Executive Team is made up of professionals with experience across a range of subjects, including pensions governance, communications, administration, finance and investments.

It supports and enables the day-to-day management of the Scheme on behalf of the Trustee, including:

  • managing the Scheme's investments
  • understanding and advising the Trustee on legislative requirements and best practice
  • reviewing Scheme advisers
  • setting up new governance processes
  • writing and reviewing member communications
  • managing the Scheme’s finances
  • overseeing the Trustee’s data protection obligations
  • providing Trustee training
  • monitoring the service provided by the Pensions Administration Team.

Simon Lee is the Head of Marks and Spencer Pension Trust Limited and Chief Investment Officer who leads the Trustee Executive Team.

M&S Colleague Services and Capita.

M&S Colleague Services has been appointed by the Trustee to provide administration services to members. It is supported by Capita, who provide the day-to-day administration services to members through an experienced Pensions Administration Team. M&S Colleague Services and Capita are responsible for:

  • maintaining accurate member records
  • working with M&S as required over employee data and benefits
  • calculating members' benefits in line with the Scheme Rules
  • ensuring accurate and timely payment of benefits
  • corresponding with members
  • answering members' questions about their benefits
  • providing online access to member records through the M&S Pension Scheme Portal.

The service provided to members is monitored by the Trustee on a regular basis.

Scheme advisers.

The Trustee appoints advisers who are experts in their field to make sure it takes informed decisions, the Scheme is run to best practice standards and it meets legislative requirements. A list of the current advisers is provided each year in the Annual Report and Accounts, which you can find in the documents section of the Governance page.

The specialist advisers include:

Scheme Actuary
- the Scheme Actuary advises the Trustee on various aspects of funding the Scheme, particularly when changes to the Scheme are proposed. The Actuary completes the actuarial valuation every three years, which determines the financial health of the Scheme.

Investment adviser - the investment adviser works with the Trustee Executive Team to provide investment advice to the Trustee. The investment adviser helps the Trustee to monitor investment performance and the performance of various investment managers.

Legal adviser - the legal adviser provides advice to the Trustee on all legal, legislative and regulatory matters relating to the management of the Scheme.

Auditor - the Auditor reports on the financial statements in the Annual Report and Accounts. It also completes an annual audit at least once a year and reports the results in its annual report to the Trustee.