1. You calculate your estimated transfer value online


Login to the M&S Pension Scheme Portal to calculate your estimated transfer value. Go to Manage My Pension Online for instructions on how to register and how to calculate your transfer value.

2. You request a transfer value pack

We’ll issue a transfer pack 5-15 working days from receiving your request

If you’re still interested in transferring your benefits you’ll need to request a transfer pack; please contact the Pension Administration Team. You can have one free transfer value calculated in any 12-month period. Only one transfer value can be calculated within any three-month period. A fee is charged for any additional transfer value calculations. In some cases, your transfer value might need to be checked by an actuary, so your pack may take a little longer to reach you. The legal deadline for providing a value is within three months of your request.

3. You provide the forms and documents requested and see a financial adviser

Before the guarantee date shown in the pack.

The transfer pack includes your transfer value, which is guaranteed for three months from the date it’s calculated, and the forms you need to complete. It will also explain what you need to do about taking financial advice.

If you choose to go ahead with the transfer, you will need to return:

  • The Member Discharge Form (you need to complete this)
  • The Receiving Scheme Form (the scheme you are transferring to needs to complete this)
  • Advice documentation (if you’re required to take financial advice, your adviser will be able to provide the documentation you need)

4. The Pension Administration Team carry out checks to help avoid fraud and keep your pension secure

This can take 8-12 weeks from receiving your forms

To help combat fraud and pension scams, the Pension Administration Team will need to confirm that the scheme you wish to transfer to is appropriate. Depending on where you are transferring to, you may need to complete a questionnaire about the scheme and make a MoneyHelper appointment. If you need a MoneyHelper appointment, arrange this as soon as you can. You can do this online through the MoneyHelper website.

5. Your transfer payment is made

5 working days

Once all the checks are completed, if the transfer can go ahead, payment will be made to your new scheme. The Pension Administration Team will send out a letter to you and the scheme to confirm when this has happened.