Death benefits.

The Scheme provides security not just for you, but also your family or financial dependents in the event of your death.

What’s paid to your beneficiaries will depend on the Scheme Rules in force on the date you stopped earning benefits, but they would normally include:

If you’re receiving your pension and you die within five years of your retirement date, a lump sum of the remaining payments for the five-year period will also be payable. You can fill out a Nomination Form to let the Trustee know who you would like any lump sum death benefits to go to. Just log in to the M&S Pension Scheme Portal. You can also request a form from the Pensions Administration Team or download a form here.

Please be aware

If you’re not receiving your pension and you die before taking your pension, you should be aware the following benefits are not payable if you stopped earning benefits and left:

  • before 1 December 1994 - children's pensions are only payable until age 16, no dependant's pension is payable
  • before 1 April 1982 - no children’s pensions are payable

You should contact the Pensions Administration Team to find out which benefits apply to you. If you’re receiving a spouse’s or dependant’s pension, your beneficiaries are not entitled to receive any benefits from the Scheme upon your death.

This information is intended as a guide only and is based on existing Scheme Rules and legislation at the time of publication. It does not create a legal right to certain benefits in the Scheme. The Scheme Rules may be amended from time to time and benefits payable to your beneficiaries will depend on the Scheme Rules in force on the date you left service. In all cases, the Scheme Rules will override any information provided on this site.