Message from the Trustee – Important update on Capita Cyber incident

18 May 2023

We can now update members about the cyber incident that happened at Capita, which provides administration services to the Scheme. Our Scheme was one of many Capita clients impacted by a major cyber security breach that took place in March.

Following a detailed investigation, Capita has also confirmed that unfortunately the incident may have affected the security of personal data for a large proportion of our Scheme’s members. This includes the majority of the Scheme’s pensioner members and a very small group of deferred members.

Capita has taken immediate steps to secure its systems and prevent any further unauthorised access to personal data. We’ve been working very closely with Capita and we’re doing everything we can to minimise any current or future risk to members. You may wish to read Capita’s statement.

Capita cannot be certain that this data has been accessed, but we believe it’s appropriate to act as if this is the case and warn affected members about the potential risks. There is the possibility that if personal data is accessed it could be used for fraud, identity theft or to send malicious emails.

We have issued a letter to all members who are affected providing further information and support.

We would like to say how sorry we are that this has happened. We take the responsibility of protecting members’ personal data very seriously and we have sought information about what Capita has done to improve the security of personal data and avoid a future incident.

We want to reassure you that your pension remains secure.

If you have any questions, please read the Q&As. If you have questions that are not covered, please contact the helpline on Freephone – 0800 229 4005 or using the UK Local number that can be dialled from Ireland – 0208 629 5979.

You can find information on how to spot scams on the Pension Scams page. The National Cyber Security Centre website also provides guidance that may be helpful.