Could you be the next Member-Nominated Trustee Director?

We’re looking to appoint a Member-nominated Trustee Director (MNTD) to join the Trustee Board of M&S Pension Trust from 1 April 2024.

An MNTD is a Trustee Director who is also a member of the M&S Pension Scheme. MNTDs have the same responsibilities and duties as all other Trustee Directors, but they provide a member’s perspective which helps to make sure that the Trustee reaches a balanced decision. One third of the Trustee Board must be made up of MNTDs, with the remainder being Independent and Company-nominated Trustee Directors.

For more detail on the role of an MNTD and the skills and experience we’re looking for, download the Role Specification.

How to apply?

If you’re interested in applying for the MNTD vacancy you will need to send the following to by 5pm on 11 December 2023:

  • A completed Application Form
  • Three Application Support Statements, completed by members of the Scheme.

PDF icon Download the Application Form 

PDF icon Download the Application Support Statement

Members currently employed by M&S will also need to provide in their Application Form confirmation that their line manager supports the application.

Who can apply?

All members of the Scheme can apply for this role, except those who are receiving a spouse or dependant's pension.

The Trustee cannot appoint members who have previously been disqualified to act as a trustee, for example, members with an unspent conviction involving dishonesty or deception or an event of bankruptcy.

What’s the application process?

Application process

Additional information

What is M&S Pension Trust Limited?

M&S Pension Trust Limited is the Trustee Company legally responsible for managing the M&S Pension Scheme. You can find more information about this by visiting the Security of my pension

How long is the appointment?

The initial appointment will be for five years. The term may come to an end sooner if:

  • You wish to resign as a Trustee
  • You are removed by unanimous agreement of the other Trustees
  • You cease to satisfy the eligibility requirements
  • You become legally disqualified from acting as a Trustee
  • You cease to be a member of the Scheme
What does the Selection Panel do?

The Selection Panel will be responsible for selecting and recommending an appropriate MNTD on behalf of the Trustee. The Selection Panel will include:

  • An existing MNTD;
  • A senior member of the Trustee Executive Team;
  • A senior HR representative; (TBC) and
  • A person independent from the Scheme.
Who do I contact if I have any questions about the role?

You can contact the Trustee Executive Team by email at

Where can I get more information about being a Trustee Director?

The Pensions Regulator’s website has more information about being a Trustee Director and their duties.

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