Our first climate change report

28 July 2022

We know that if we don’t all take action now, rising global temperatures will continue to harm the planet and have serious consequences for economies and investments around the world.

Earlier this year, we announced an ambitious 2040 net zero greenhouse gas emissions target. Today, we’re pleased to present our first Climate Change Report.

This report provides more information about our journey to net zero and the steps we’re taking. It also tells you about the progress we’ve made to understand the risks and opportunities that climate change may present and how we can protect the Scheme from its effects in the future no matter what others choose to do.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to manage the Scheme sustainably, to protect members pensions and support better outcomes for everyone. We want to be held to account for our actions and this report plays an important part of that. We’ll report on our progress each year going forward.

As part of launching our brand-new website, alongside this report, you can now find more information about Our approach to sustainability, what we’ve achieved so far and our ambitions going forward.