M&S Role Reductions – Trustee information for members

08 September 2020

Over the past few years, M&S has been progressing an in-depth transformation programme across the business. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this programme, which now aims to deliver three years of change in one. As part of this acceleration, M&S has recently announced proposals to streamline the business leading to a reduction of around 7,000 roles, of which a significant proportion are expected to be achieved through voluntary redundancy.

The Trustee is aware that a large number of members may be impacted by this announcement. We understand this is a challenging time and many members will be looking to explore their options in the M&S Pension Scheme now or for the future. We want you to receive the information you need about your pension quickly and easily, so we’ve set out below where you can find more information about your M&S pension.

The M&S Pension Scheme is the old defined benefit (DB) pension arrangement. You may be a member of M&S’ current pension arrangement, Your M&S Pension Savings Plan, if you joined M&S after 1 April 2002 or you became a member when the Scheme closed to future benefits on 1 April 2017. You’ll need to visit the Plan website for more information on this arrangement.

The M&S Pension Scheme Portal

The Portal gives you 24/7 access to your pension account, where you can:

  • Run retirement estimates at any date after your 55th birthday and check as many retirement dates as you’d like.
  • Calculate estimated transfer value quotations.

To get started, just go to www.hartlinkonline.co.uk/mandspensionscheme (or click on “My Pension account” in the top right-hand corner of this page). For help using the Portal, you can download the following instructions:

For more instructions, visit the Portal Guides page.

Information on the Scheme Website

You can learn more about your M&S pension on the following pages of this website:

The Pension Administration Team

If you need more information or you decide that you’d like to take your pension, you can get in touch with the Pension Administration Team. You can find their contact details here

The Helpline Team are receiving a higher volume of calls and requests for quotations at this time, which means it may take longer for you to reach a member of the team and receive the information you’ve requested. If you’re looking for an initial retirement or transfer quotation, we suggest accessing the M&S Pension Portal in the first instance. If you have a more general query, please see if you can find the answer on this website before contacting the team.

If your query is not urgent, we ask you to consider submitting it to the Pension Administration Team by email instead.