The M&S Pension Scheme is a defined benefit pension scheme for employees of M&S plc who joined an M&S pension arrangement before 1 April 2002. All active members of the Scheme stopped earning future benefits on 31 March 2017.

Each member has built up a pension (an income paid for life) in the Scheme as calculated by the Scheme Rules. The money needed to pay pensions for all members is put aside in a single pot, known as a fund. The fund is invested so that the amount held grows over time.

A Trustee Company called the M&S Pension Trust (the Trustee) manages the Scheme in line with the Scheme Rules and pensions legislation, in the best interests of members and their beneficiaries. The Trustee is independent from M&S plc.

The Trustee is made up of a Board of Trustee Directors and together they are legally responsible for the management of the Scheme and the benefits payable to its members. It is supported by the Trustee Executive Team and specialist advisers. 

The Pensions Administration Team provides the day-to-day administration service to members.

For information about Your M&S Pension Savings Plan, the M&S pension arrangement for all current UK employees, visit the Plan website.