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You can get an estimated value for transferring your pension straight away by logging into your pension account on the Portal. If you haven’t already registered your pension account, watch our step-by-step guide and register here.

Your estimated online transfer value provides a simple breakdown and helps you take that first step in deciding whether transferring is right for you. It’s available 24/7 and free of charge.

You can find a step by step guide on how to run an estimated transfer value here.

If you‘d like a guaranteed transfer value, so you can explore transferring in more detail, you’ll need to request a transfer value statement and the forms to allow the transfer to take place from the  Pensions Administration Team. A request for a transfer statement will normally take around five working days. It may take longer if your pension is more complicated to calculate or we receive a higher number of requests than usual.

You can only request one transfer statement free of charge in any 12-month period. A charge of £250 per statement is applied for any additional requests. 

Please be aware…

The transfer value of your pension is only guaranteed for three months from the date it is calculated. This means that if you received estimates in the past, the current transfer value could be higher or lower and any future estimates may be different;

  • The Scheme doesn’t charge a fee to make a transfer and the full value of the benefit will be transferred to the receiving scheme;
  • The Trustee doesn’t provide any form of indemnity or other protection to any new arrangement;
  • Payment of the transfer value will made directly to your chosen pension arrangement;
  • The transfer value will be calculated using a formula decided by the Trustee, based on the advice of the Actuary; and
  • The transfer value does not take any account of benefits payable on a discretionary basis.
  • Once you have transferred your benefits to another arrangement, you will no longer have any entitlement to benefits in the Scheme.