When can I take it?

Knowing what age you need to be to take your pension is an important part of planning your retirement.

The age you need to be to take your pension early is set by the Government, but the Scheme Rules determine the date you can take your pension and the amount that may be payable.

You can take your pension from age 65 (or age 60 if you joined the Scheme on or before 31 December 1995) and a reduction will not apply.

You may be able to take your pension before age 65 but there are rules in place about the circumstances when this is allowed. You can find out more about this by clicking on the links below:

If you wish to delay taking your pension until after age 65, you will need to contact the Pensions Administration Team to check if you are eligible to, and whether your pension will be increased for late payment.

Before making any decisions on your retirement, we always recommend that you speak to an Independent Financial Adviser.