Divorce or a dissolution of your civil partnership

When deciding on a divorce settlement or dissolution of a civil partnership, your pension in the Scheme would normally be taken into account by the court. 

There are three ways that the court can deal with your pension entitlement: 

  1. Your pension can be subject to a Pension Sharing Order, where a proportion of your pension is given to your ex-spouse or civil partner. Your pension up to the date of the Pension Sharing Order is then reduced as a result. 

  2. Part of your pension can be ‘earmarked’ through a Court Order for your ex-spouse or civil partner to receive when you take your pension into payment. 

  3. The capital value of your pension can be ‘offset’ against other financial assets, like the marital home and therefore none of your pension is provided to your ex-spouse. 

You may request a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) for divorce purposes by contacting the Pensions Administration Team

Please be aware… 
The first CETV will be provided free of charge. Additional CETVs, further information and putting a Pension Sharing Order in place will incur a charge under the Trustee’s Pension Sharing Schedule of Charges.