What happens if I die?

Learn more about what may be payable to your loved ones.

If you die once you start receiving your pension, your beneficiaries may be entitled to receive benefits from the Scheme. 

What’s paid to your beneficiaries will depend on the Scheme Rules that apply on the date you stopped earning benefits, but they would normally include:

Spouse or Civil Partner's Pension

A spouse or civil partner’s pension payable for life, which amounts to two thirds of the pension you were receiving at the date of death. This pension is reduced if your spouse or civil partner is:

  • More than 10 years younger than you; and
  • The marriage or civil partnership took place after you left service, or if earlier, you started to receive a pension.
Dependant's Pension

A dependant’s pension, if you are not married or in a civil partnership and you have someone who is financially dependent on you. It is paid at the Trustee’s discretion and the amount will be no more than two thirds of your pension at the date of your death.

  • The Trustee will assess whether a dependant qualifies in line with the criteria set out in the Scheme Rules.
  • The Trustee may stop or reduce a dependant’s pension.
Children's Pensions

Children’s pensions (if any children qualify) up to age 16 or 21, if in full time education or training approved by the Trustee.

If you die within five years of receiving your pension, a lump sum of the remaining payments for the five-year period will be payable. You can fill out a Nomination Form by logging into the M&S Pension Scheme Portal. This will let the Trustees know who you would like any lump sum death benefits to go to. You can also request a form from the Pensions Administration Team or download a form here.

The Scheme Rules that apply to you may mean that your beneficiaries are not entitled to any benefits in the event of your death. You should contact the Pensions Administration Team to find out which benefits apply to you.

If you are receiving a spouse’s or dependant’s pension, your beneficiaries are not entitled to receive any benefits from the Scheme upon your death.

This information is intended as a guide only and is based on existing Scheme Rules and legislation at the time of publication. It does not create a legal right to certain benefits in the Scheme. The Scheme Rules may be amended from time to time and benefits payable to your beneficiaries will depend on the Scheme Rules in force on the date you left service. In all cases, the Scheme Rules will override any information provided on this site.